Hola… I’m Grace Odawo, welcome to my passion-fashion journal where “nothing really goes out of fashion.” I’m an adventurous 23-year-old Kenyan who loves to explore in fashion and an enthusiast of all things lifestyle. My fascination with fashion began when I was 12 years old. Growing up I used to cut out pictures of fashion columns from newspapers and stick them in an exercise book.

I enjoyed it so much that I would help my sisters with styling their outfits when dressing up for church and other occasions. In college, I would further give advice to friends on what wear. It was then that my big sister discovered my ardor for fashion, she convinced me to start my own blog. A platform where I can share my thoughts and styling ideas.

I believe fashion is about expressing oneself in a unique way that makes you feel comfortable without feeling the need of looking like somebody else. I hope to inspire you towards feeling good about what you wear as well as looking good, at a minimum expense and effort. Moda Explotitudor is about more than outfits, it’s about DIY projects, Food, Photography and travelling which I’m in pursuit and hope to share with you in the near future.

This is the one place where I don’t fear expressing myself. The hub which I look forward to every day. A place which makes me happy to communicate with you.



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