Life In College

Life in college sometimes can be rough, tough and complicated. Living on your own in a new environment with no one to direct you on how things should be done. Meeting new people, adjusting your way of life to their’s so that you don’t cross paths. Getting broke which is common if you have no… Continue reading Life In College


Three Love Buttons

On Thursday was the memorial of my favorite all time musician, it almost slipped my mind but got reminded, spent all day listening to his music. It’s been 6years since He passed on and I still find His music sensational. It’s like He speaks to me through His lyrics and to me He is alive.His… Continue reading Three Love Buttons


On The Road

On the road means being on a journey. Going somewhere or working on something for a long period of time.While taking photos for this post it hit me that I’m actually on the road. Literally yes, because of the location of the shoot.Metaphorically too,the background speaks a lot,basically on the road to me is my… Continue reading On The Road


A 60s Outfit

TBT/FBF is a category on this blog that stands for Throwback Thursday/Flashback Friday.Sort of incorporating vintage wear into modern outfits.Going back in time on how our parents and grandparents used to dress.However, you might have realized that in the current generation Fashion trends are being repeated,though in a more colorful manner with sophisticated highlights.