The Satchel Bag

Somehow thrift markets always have a way of knowing what’s trending and what’s not. Trends further dictate prices of items and outfits. The other day while I was at Gikomba, I noticed that the price of satchel bags is twice the usual price. When I asked why the vendor giggled and said ‘madam izi ndo… Continue reading The Satchel Bag


Denim On Denim (Plunge)

During this festive season I’ll be doing more of casual wear and sharing with you the looks here on the blog. I focus both on summer and fall wear due to the changing weather conditions especially in Nairobi. Also to cater for everyone’s taste on what to wear during this festive season.


Nairobi Elegance Affair: What I Wore

Last Saturday I attended the Nairobi Elegance Affair that went down at Nairobi Railway Museum. Forgetting about how they kept us waiting for the fashion show, everything else was awesome. Nairobi elegance affair was about a fashion show where by 30 designers were showcasing their new designs, fashion houses were also exhibiting their own creations… Continue reading Nairobi Elegance Affair: What I Wore


Life In College

Life in college sometimes can be rough, tough and complicated. Living on your own in a new environment with no one to direct you on how things should be done. Meeting new people, adjusting your way of life to their’s so that you don’t cross paths. Getting broke which is common if you have no… Continue reading Life In College


Little Denim Dress(2)

Hoping you enjoyed part 1 of this post here are 5 more styles on how to wear a little denim dress.Part 2 is more of casual, edgy and fun.Get back to me on your favorite style in the comment box below this post.Also feel free sharing this post,spread the word on how to rock a… Continue reading Little Denim Dress(2)