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The Shift Dress 

A shift dress is a straight fit dress, ideally knee length and looks good on almost any body type. Shift dress is a classic style that was made famous by style icons in the late 50s early 60s. What I love most about this type of dress is how simple and classy it is. The… Continue reading The Shift Dress 


Shades of Denim

Happy New Year darlings. Hope you started off your 2017 on a good note, mine started off quite well. I’m so excited about the New Year. One of the reasons being that, I finished school late last year and I can’t wait to start working.  Meanwhile, I get to enjoy some time off and do… Continue reading Shades of Denim

My Style/Outfits · STREETSTYLE

Friends Who Stay Together…

You know that one friend whom you sometimes, coincidentally wear the same outfit with? Well, I have that friend. We live a distance apart from each other and rarely talk about what to wear the next day. However, whenever we go to class or happen to meet we mostly find ourselves wearing the same outfit… Continue reading Friends Who Stay Together…


Bustier x Full Skirt

Happy New Month… The bustier is my favorite type of crop top among other types. I’m attached to this type specifically because of  how it is designed with a bra feature. There are days when I want to dress up bra free and just worry less about my straps loosening or being annoyingly tight. Ladies,… Continue reading Bustier x Full Skirt


You Chose

The other day while I was doing research on the net, I came across a poem. The poem is about making choices, accountability, responsibility, thinking positively, mistakes and consequences. This poem is more of a life-lesson and a motivation. Enjoy reading, be inspired and remember don’t keep the knowledge to yourself, share to as many… Continue reading You Chose


It’s A New Year

It’s been a hectic journey all through 2015. A lot has happened some which I wished for, some which I didn’t. I may not be where I thought I would be by the end of 2015 but I’m happy. Happy that I made it to 2016, healthy and strong. Thankful to God for his continued… Continue reading It’s A New Year


Closet Ideas

On Saturday while picking something to wear from my closet I noticed this ka-space that made me happy. I felt relieved for this ka-space was the solution to all my problems. Lately my photographer(my sister) has been really preoccupied, trying to fit in her work schedule is tricky. Now that I have this space I… Continue reading Closet Ideas