The Kiondo

The Kiondo is a traditional handwoven handbag made from sisal and leather trimmings. It’s famous among the Kikuyu and Kamba tribes in Kenya. The Kiondo has recently become a fashion statement and no longer a shamba/market bag. The Kiondo has gained a lot of recognition both locally and internationally, making it an effortlessly stylish fashion… Continue reading The Kiondo


The Satchel Bag

Somehow thrift markets always have a way of knowing what’s trending and what’s not. Trends further dictate prices of items and outfits. The other day while I was at Gikomba, I noticed that the price of satchel bags is twice the usual price. When I asked why the vendor giggled and said ‘madam izi ndo… Continue reading The Satchel Bag


Denim x Denim (Over-The-Knee)

It’s about that time I announce the winner of our 1st Giveaway. Claire McDonnell gets the Aztec Dress. Details of how to get your dress will be communicated to you soon. Thank you for all those of who participated. If you were not lucky this time, don worry more Giveaways will be up on the… Continue reading Denim x Denim (Over-The-Knee)


Moda Explotitudor Turns 1.

Hola December, season greetings! I still can’t wrap my head over the fact that it’s 20days to Christmas and 26days to 2016. Everything is happening so fast and children are growing up really quick in an unbelievable way. My nephew was born sometime last year at a time like now, just the other day he… Continue reading Moda Explotitudor Turns 1.


The Art Of Layering

You might have found yourself wearing a jacket on a sweater or a fitting sweater on a long shirt, what you might have not known is that you are layering outfits. Layering is basically about wearing many clothes on top of each other. Today I’ll be giving you tips on how to layer outfits especially… Continue reading The Art Of Layering