Skater x Animal Print

A black skater skirt is one of the many types of skirts that is a staple.  Its simplicity and versatility make it a wardrobe necessity. It is easy to wear, chic and looks good on any body size. Who doesn’t need an outfit that can be worn in so many different ways? I’ve worn mine countless… Continue reading Skater x Animal Print


The Forgotten White Dress

It’s been a minute since I last posted. I missed you all and this space. Hope you missed me too while I was away. A lot has happened in the last two months basically school staff. When I began my fourth year in May, I envisioned it being all fun and final, little did I… Continue reading The Forgotten White Dress


You Chose

The other day while I was doing research on the net, I came across a poem. The poem is about making choices, accountability, responsibility, thinking positively, mistakes and consequences. This poem is more of a life-lesson and a motivation. Enjoy reading, be inspired and remember don’t keep the knowledge to yourself, share to as many… Continue reading You Chose


Prints&Color Splash On White Pants(1)

Over the years some of us have developed a belief that white pants bring bad luck making it hard to wear.The thought of it getting stained,causing embarrassment should be shun out. We should change our negative perceptions about white pants and try them out.Today will be giving you valuable reasons on why you should have… Continue reading Prints&Color Splash On White Pants(1)