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Friends Who Stay Together…

You know that one friend whom you sometimes, coincidentally wear the same outfit with? Well, I have that friend. We live a distance apart from each other and rarely talk about what to wear the next day. However, whenever we go to class or happen to meet we mostly find ourselves wearing the same outfit… Continue reading Friends Who Stay Together…


Bustier x Full Skirt

Happy New Month… The bustier is my favorite type of crop top among other types. I’m attached to this type specifically because of  how it is designed with a bra feature. There are days when I want to dress up bra free and just worry less about my straps loosening or being annoyingly tight. Ladies,… Continue reading Bustier x Full Skirt


The Kiondo

The Kiondo is a traditional handwoven handbag made from sisal and leather trimmings. It’s famous among the Kikuyu and Kamba tribes in Kenya. The Kiondo has recently become a fashion statement and no longer a shamba/market bag. The Kiondo has gained a lot of recognition both locally and internationally, making it an effortlessly stylish fashion… Continue reading The Kiondo